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Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Hair Care Regimine and Products...


I'm trying to get my hair back on track. I was doing really good until I made the mistake of dying my hair and that totally killed all of my efforts of maintaining healthy hair. *Sigh* Oh well you live and you learn I guess.....Long story not so short, I ended up chopping off my hair really short. This is not the first time that i cut my hair. I cut my hair in Dec 06' but not as short as my hair is now and it grew back so fast and it was very long...past my bra....way way waaay down in my back...well maybe not way down but it was in the middle of my back ROTFL!
I like it though!, my short hair, I think it's SEXXAY!!! a cute Rihanna type cut without the back being shaved. Winter is coming LOL. However, no matter how cute and sexy this cut is, I won't be maintaining it, I'm growing it out and I'll be clipping it to even it out as it grows (the back is shorter than the top)
So...follow me on my hair journey, I've learned a lot from the ladies on this site already. I even learned that my hair type is 2A/2B.....I think LOL
Well my natural hair hair is very wavy/curly, and is easily manipulated. Meaning, I can wear it curly if I choose or straighten it with a curling iron, blow dryer ( which I hardly do) or by wet wrapping it. Don't ask me why I used to perm my hair LOL

First off, I wash my hair AT LEAST 2x a week...

Pre-poo treatments
- 2 eggs and mayonnaise mixed very well, every 6 weeks or longer.
-Hot oil treatment, every 2 weeks.
-Deep conditioning, once a week.
- Garnier Fructis fortifying shampoo, my all time favorite.
-Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair.
- Isoplus Neutralizing shampoo, used after a perm which is every 6 months. Yes people, I perm my hair twice a year LOL.
-Garnier Fructis cream conditioner, LOVE IT!
-Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Re constructor

Leave-In Conditioner
-Garnier Fructis Conditioning cream,again, LOVE IT!
-Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave-In conditioner
Other products
-Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Re constructor (strengthens instantly, builds body, protects color & chemical services.
-Aphogee Gloss therapy (enhances shine,mends split ends and beats the frizzies)
-Queen Helen JoJoba hot oil treatment (conditions and controls split ends)
-Biosilk silk therapy (for that nice silky finish LOL)
-Dudleys hair and scalp conditioner
-Virgin hair fertilizer (hair conditioning cream for rapid hair growth)
-Dr. Miracles Hot gro hair and scalp conditioner
-Dr.Miracles nape and temple balm
-Organic root stimulator temple balm -Motions oil moisturizer oil sheen spray

ROTFLOL! A lot of products, I know...I don't use them ALL at once...I switch them up every few months LOL!

Ready for my HAIR CARE REGIMEN?! maybe next time...my fingers are tired from typing so much..........SIKE!!! LOL OK...so...I pre-poo using the egg and mayonnaise treatment (every 6 weeks or longer) I'll keep that on for 30 minutes or an hour the most.


I'll apply some of my JoJoba hot oil treatment( or whatever hot oil treatment that I have handy at the time LOL), cover with a plastic cap and sit under my dryer for 15 minutes or so ....

Then I proceed to the kitchen sink LOL and wash the treatment out completely. Using either Garnier Fructis, Cream of Nature or Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair, I shampoo 2-3 times depending on how tired my neck is j/k LOL.
If I'm putting a rinse in, now is the time that I would do it. I would cover my head w/ a plastic cap and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.Then it's time to wash the rinse out and condition my hair with either Garnier Fructis cread conditioner or Aphogee's Keratin 2 minute re constructor. I leave the conditioner on for hmmmm, around 5 minutes then rinse. Then, I would use either garnier Fructis cream conditioner (leave-in) or Aphogee's ProVitamin leave-in conditioner followed by Biosilk's silk therapy ( I wanna try CHI's silk infusion).

Most of the time I would wet wrap my hair and let it air dry then I would condition my hair w/ whatever product I choose (check products list above) Then I would flat iron or curl my hair w/ a curling iron and re-wrap my hair and let it set. When I'm ready, I unwrap my hair, spray with Motions oil sheen spray and I'm Good 2 Go! LOL

Alternative hair drying technique If I'm not too tired after washing my hair, I would roller set my hair and go under my hood dryer for 30 minutes. My dryer dries my hair really fast. I have a Conair 1875 watt dryer. After my hair is dried, I would condition my scalp and hair shaft/ends w/ one of the products listed above (again, check my products list) Then, as always, I would re-wrap my hair and let it set. Again, When I'm ready, I unwrap my hair, spray with Motions oil sheen spray and I'm Good 2 Go! LOL I never dry my hair w/ a hand held dryer...It tears my hair out.

I heard that wrapping your hair and covering w/ saran wrap and sitting under the dryer for 15-30 makes your hair very bouncy and shiny...I have to try that.


1xellus1 said...

OMG Kerry, it looks like ur hair grew like 2" since this video! Great GENES girl. LOL I didn't know u perm 2x a year. u goin' 2 hafta school a sistah on dat! Love ur Blog! Love it! So informative girl.

Anonymous said...

Ur hair really look wonderful....really now out of the Aphogee product frm the rest with 1 work the best? b/c i'm in Jamaica n i don't where to get the Aphogee product can u please tell me where to buy it.